Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Kitschy Mumma's Guide to Christmas on a Budget

In my last blog post I wrote about how I've overcome a mild shopping addiction (see How blogging stopped me shopping) but don't be fooled. Just because I'm not a credit-card abusing maniac anymore it does not mean I'm not an online window shopper. I actually enjoy hunting around for toys/clothes/home accessories and have a knack for finding bargains and this Christmas will be no exception. After doing the arduous task of writing out my Christmas list and almost reaching for a piece of tinsel to hang myself with upon finding it exceeded thirty people (I don't even buy for Uncles/Aunties or Cousins anymore, how in Jesusmaryandjoseph's name do I have thirty people to buy for?!) I started scouting around for inexpensive (basically a nicer word for cheap) gifts that still impressed. Gifts where, if I opened them myself I wouldn't think "fucking hell I bought you something from NEXT you cheapskate, you're getting 99p store shite next year!"

Here is my list of inexpensive but impressive finds for under a fiver...

Framed Print- £4.95- Dotcomgiftshop

 Now this framed print may not be to everybody's taste but I happen to find it very eye-catching. The fact that it comes already framed makes it even better. I purchased a framed print in the sale from Dotcomgiftshop 3 years ago and I still adore it now.

'Dipped' vase - £4.95 - Dotcomgiftshop

 Now hear me out with this one. Vases probably don't seem like an obvious gift choice but as soon as I saw this I wanted it and I don't even like flowers. It comes in a range of different colours and I'm sure you'll earn some serious brownie points if you accompany it with a bunch of lilies too.

'World's best mum' bracelet - £4.95- Mollie and Fred
Personally this isn't my kind of thing but I'm sure many mummas would love to be greeted with this silver bangle from their babies. It's cute, it's meaningful and it's a good deal! Pull your finger out Dads, you can get it from here.

Robin Round Plate- £2.50- Sass and Belle
This plate is perfect for little trinkets, coins or 
even your keys. It's made from white gloss 
ceramic and the little bird is full of detail making 
it a charismatic piece to have on your side table.

Badly Timed Boners Book- £3.00- The Works
  We all know someone with a crude sense of humour. Whether it's your Brother, your Uncle or your partner, this book is guaranteed to raise a smile and definitely not a boner- some of these drawings will have blokes wincing and reaching to protect their meat n two veg.

Harriet Popham Textiles A6 Notebook- £4.00- Etsy 
These gorgeous notebooks from the super-talented Harriet Popham are full of charm. They come in different patterns and are an absolute bargain at £4.00. Check out the rest of Harriet's stuff at harrietpopham.etsy.com

Egg-splode egg cup and toast cutter- £4.99- IWOOT
 Make breakfast more fun for kids or unleash that inner child in the man with this tank egg cup. The helmet even keeps the egg warm. It's quirky, fun and cheap (sorry I mean "inexpensive")

  Sex tips for husbands and wives - £3.95 - Prezzybox

 Okay so this is more of a stocking filler and not something you can present to your Nan but I have this book on my bedside table and IT IS HILARIOUS. It makes it even better that it was actually written in 1894 as a serious book for new brides. Tips for the naive newlywed include  "give little, give seldom and above all, give grudgingly" 

Vintage Seaside Box of Puzzles- £3.95 - Dotcomgiftshop

Okay so they're not your every day 'Frozen' or 'Paw Patrol' puzzles but stick one in front of a child and they'll sit there for hours working every little piece out. They have some nostalgic charm to them that kids won't appreciate but I do, hence why I've bought a box for my Daughter.

Miniature drinks-bottles case - £3.95 - 31Dover
 This is perfect for those that enjoy a little tipple and at £3.95 it's affordable too. Just don't be tempted to drink them yourself. Oh fuck it, it's Christmas, do what you want.

Animal Hand Puppet- £3.99- WHSmith
Brilliant for little ones who are exploring their imagination, these hand puppets are half price. Team it with a book, maybe one that features the same animal as the hand-puppet and you've got yourself a lovely little gift. Poundland have fantastic books too. It will be a fiver well spent! Get yours here

Swallow Mug- £1.50- Dotcomgiftshop
I swear to you I am not a Dotcomgiftshop representative, I just absolutely love their stuff and this mug is a steal at £1.50! Get yours here..

Do it yourself wall art - however much you choose- YOU

My Mum's friend recently moved into a new home and my Mum wanted a reasonably priced gift for her. So I got my creative head on and managed to put together a gorgeous hare watercolour picture in a frame for the measly price of £4.99. It looks stunning but was so simple to create. I bought a greetings card with the beautiful watercolour hare on the front for £1.99 and a box frame for £3.00 from ASDA, put it together and BAM! This was the result..

This one is great because of the choice you have. Any greetings card can be placed in the frame and is guaranteed to be effective. I am a massive fan of Anne Taintor and her empire of greetings cards, fridge magnets, compact mirrors, hip flasks etc etc. They are all adorned mainly with retro images of 1940s housewives and typical 'magazine perfect' families but accompanied with witty, crude yet hilarious captions. If you have a friend or family member with a dark sense of humour, pop one of these in a frame and it looks like a personal, thoughtful (and downright funny) gift. I personally think they would look great in a kitchen as alot of Anne's designs are centred around looking like the perfect home-maker who can't cook for shit or be arsed to do housework.
It's not impossible to buy these from the U.K but you have to hunt around or hope that you come across a gift shop that stocks them. Amazon have a pack of Anne Taintor postcards for £6.99 that would do the job perfectly though. Available to purchase here

Kiss Me Kwik Cards are as equally funny and are a UK based company. You can pick one up for £2.20 (+ postage) My personal favourites include..


So there you have it. My list of inexpensive but impressive finds for under a fiver. I hope I've inspired some of you in your quest for gifts that don't bust your budget for the upcoming festive season. I haven't taken postage into account for these and let's face it, we all begrudgingly pay the postage so if you get the chance I would always look for free shipping codes before buying.

Happy low-cost spending!

The Kitschy Mumma

Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. Oooh you have a good eye don't you! Some fab gift ideas here...I am a big fan of the dot com gift shop! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

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  3. Some absolutely lovely little products here. I like the jigsaws. Just something different! #coolmumclub

  4. Great gifts for such great prices. Shows you really don't have to break the bank! #ablogginggoodtime

  5. Love the hand puppet find! They're so cheap. This is the first time I've heard about Dotcomgiftshop.com You should be one of their brand reps!! Lots of cool ideas for secret santa gifts too xx

  6. Oooo I love them alland can't believe they are all so cheap!! Awesome!! xx
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