Friday, 7 October 2016

Poem for my (nearly) 4 year old...

I think you always feel more gushy and sentimental when your child approaches their next birthday. As my little lady hits 4, I've reflected on our lives together and summed it up in this poem. Not that I can read it to her as it's a bit sweary but maybe one day, when she's 35, I might let her have a peek. Or maybe not as she will still be a little angel at that point and definitely will not know what the word 'shit' means. (p.s I never did make it into the school poetry anthology in case you were wondering. Read on and you will probably see why.)

When I saw those 2 lines,
on that little white stick,
to be completely honest,
I was shitting a brick.

We hadn't known each other long,
your Dad and I.
We weren't meant to be,
I'm not going to lie.

I used to go out every weekend,
getting absolutely pissed.
The vodka, shots and kebabs
would be terribly missed.

Pregnancy was hard,
all I did was suffer.
Little did I know,
parenting would be tougher.

It was 8 weeks before your due date
I awoke soaking wet.
I turned to your Dad fuming,
"You dirty bastard you've pissed the fucking bed!"

But no such thing had happened,
you were on your way,
4 days later you arrived
and my life changed that day.

After 3 weeks in hospital,
you were ready to come home,
I felt so very lucky to have you
so I tried not to moan.

Because a home wasn't there,
so we stayed with a friend,
until a house came along,
to fix our loose end.

Being your Mum was lonely,
I always felt crap.
The nightfeeds were exhausting,
I just wanted to nap.

Friends and family would visit,
you were so dearly cherished,
but I felt like my freedom,
had suddenly perished.

I sort of missed my old life,
not necessarily the clubs
just having the option
to pop down the pub.

The anxiety of parenting,
drove me so mad.
Though you completed my life,
I just felt really sad.

We couldn't make it work,
your Dad and I.
So it was just me and you,
to get on by.

Though you made me so proud
and my love for you was undying,
I never knew parenting
Would be quite this trying.

That first year of your life
feels like a blur.
I did my absolute best,
of that I am sure.

As you grew and you flourished
and were no longer a baby.
With a captivating personality,
you were my little lady.

You were walking and talking
and joking about poo.
and within the blink of an eye,
you suddenly turned two.

Two soon passed,
and we were hitting three.
and boy did we know,
you were a little Queen Bee.

With your crazy curly hair
and your smile so special
and your frown that could definitely
disintegrate metal.

As your fourth birthday approaches,
I am full of reflection
and for you my darling,
I am full of affection.

Although you are tricky,
and I sometimes lose my shit.
My life would be worthless,
if you were not in it.

You come with your tantrums
but my life is full of laughter
you truly are my everything,
my happily ever after.

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  1. Such a lovely poem. It's not too sweary it's very honest. #triballove

    1. Ahh thankyou for reading 🙂 Think I might have to let her take a peek when she's older lol X

  2. Really like this - sentimental but not overly so because of the honesty and humour - happy 4th B'dsy to your little one. X

    1. Thankyou 🙂 I'm not often 'soppy' and was a bit worried I might sound like a bit of a "sap" but you have put my mind at ease haha thanks for reading! X

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  4. Aaah this is lovely! Sorry it didn't work out with Queen Bee's dad, but it sounds like you've got all bases covered. Def show her when she's older! Thanks for linking to #Chucklemums xx

    1. Ahh thankyou! All bases definitely covered (just 😁) thanks for having me X

  5. love this. very funny but very poignant too, especially the last verse. #chucklemums

  6. Love this! Such a great poem, funny and honest. Hope your little lady has a fantastic birthday xx #EatSleepBlogRT

    1. Thankyou! She had a wonderful day (mainly eating cake 😁) X

  7. Totally real but totally gorgeous too. A lovely tribute. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉