Sunday, 28 August 2016

Creativity is contagious, pass it on...

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" is one of my favourite Albert Einstein quotes. My 'creative streak' is something I've been developing alot of over the past few months. First by designing and selling greetings cards and prints (can't draw for shit but I'm pretty handy with Microsoft Paint). I then set up this blog which has helped me re-discover my love of writing and opened up a whole new world of 'blogging' to me. I'm also a firm believer in re-using furniture and giving it a new purpose- a lick of paint and you can totally transform something. I have many pieces of furniture in my house that are second-hand (some probably seventh hand they're so old) that I have 're-vamped' myself. I get a sense of achievement whenever I glance at them. It's a pretty good feeling when someone compliments something that you put alot of thought and effort into. When my Daughter grew out of her toddler bed, I just thought "ah I'll sell it easy" but it hadn't really occured to me to re-purpose it. The bed didn't sell (I'm not sure if it's a bit garish being a bright pink sleigh bed) and I had it stood on end in her room for ages.

My friend saw it in my Daughter's room and assumed I was turning it into a wardrobe (probably because I'm always up to something) and I dismissed the idea at first, and then my OCD said "I can't stand looking at it stood awkwardly on end blocking the pretty vibe of the room any longer and this will look bloody good on my instagram if I can pull it off" (I jest, I jest- sort of) and set to work. My exasperated boyfriend declared "what the bloody hell are you up to now" (he still did the drilling though ha!)
Out came the masking tape and with a bit of trial and error regarding colours I settled on light grey and a dark grey chalk paint. I'm an absolute bugger for just buying a £1 tester pot of paint and hoping for the best (surprisingly they never let me down) but I splurged on the chalk paint as you dont have to sand or prime and quite frankly, I'm a lazy little shit when it comes to that. Originally the colours were going to be horizontally separated but by chance I painted something wrong which lead me to think that diagonally would look much sleeker and a little bit different. Once the two rails had been drilled in, I purchased different coloured triangle decals to stick on in random places. I absolutely LOVE those triangle wall decals where they're just applied all over the wall but being in a rented house would mean too much effort taking them off again should I move. I chose white and gold and only applied them to the pink part of the furniture. They have completely transformed it and only cost £1.80 for 30. 

This has by far been my favourite project so far and there's one thing I know for sure, my daughter will be stuck with it until she moves out. Alot of love and effort and rolling eyes from the boyfriend has gone into it- that's something you can't put on Gumtree. 

The creativity of blogging is different to re-purposing furniture but boy is it something amazeballs! We are all living different lives within different family dynamics but connecting together through writing to share our experiences and offer advice, some solace and humour to others. That is one type of creativity that is definitely contagious.

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  1. Wow love this! What a positive mindset you have xx #candidcuddles

  2. Oh my God that wardrobe!! I'm totally in awe as I'm the same level when it comes to drawing (can just about draw a straight line). A friend of mine is a design grad and her level of creativity when it comes to repurposing is just nuts. Thanks for joining #candidcuddles I'm off to see if can repurpose my kids for something

    1. Haha good luck 😁 This wardrobe will be around forever, it's never leaving! Thanks for reading! X